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animal games It’s all the rage now. wandering Set the world on fire with its adorable, lifelike feline exploration antics. (Even real cats can have fun with it.) But where do canine-loving gamers turn?

People and dogs have always had a special bond. No other animal has such a unique evolutionary relationship with us. Together we conquered the animal kingdom. In return, we give our best friend an honorary position in our society (sorry, cat). Of course, we are not hunting, gathering and herding cattle in the modern world. We’re mostly making content, and gosh, if there’s a game about it, won’t it bloat?

Have! Popperazzi The premise from Sundae Month is as straightforward as its pun title. There are cute dogs outside. There are cool dogs outside. There are cold dogs outside. There are dogs on skateboards and hats. Your job is to take pictures of them and share them on the internet. Sounds like some fun escapism, doesn’t it?

Your escape begins with a humanoid camera with cartoon arms relaxing in a dog one in the world Popperazzi, a paradise worth visiting. Your task is simple to be the best dog photographer. Your path to success is also clear. An escalating series of in-game to-dos will have you looking for some very specific requests. Your rewards for completing missions are in the form of Bonks, a base currency used to upgrade gear.

If that sounds easy, it’s because it is. This isn’t a game designed to time an entire weekend. A pleasant afternoon is enough. No tirade or cutscenes. The graphics are stylized, but a little wrinkled (pun intended). You get cute dog photos, but the puppy is basically still.don’t expect it to be wandering-But- dog, you’re going to have a lot of fun.

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Exploration is a preliminary design. There are no waypoints or shortcuts, as the map is not overwhelming and the challenge is open ended. If you need HUD-level help to accomplish a goal, like “taking a picture of a dog with clothes on” in a dog-only game, then video games are probably not for Popperazzi Just in these little discoveries.

These discoveries are documented in the in-game Puppypedia, which lists the various good boys and girls you shoot along the way. Most of the major breeds are here, as well as background-specific pictures, such as “dog with sandcastle.”

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You’ll also track your popularity on dogNet, the social media platform where you must upload all your photos. It has a number of specific follower categories like “goth” or “fashionable” that reflect the various canine capers you capture in film. There are also secret objectives in envelopes scattered across the map. Hang around long enough and you’ll find something new to do.

If you want to get the most out of the game, don’t chase your tail for achievements. Slow down, take your time, and appreciate all the stupid puppies out there. sit. stay. nice guy.

Popperazzi Now available on Game Pass. It’s also available for purchase on PC and Xbox.

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