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Facebookaka Yuan A lot of big announcements have been made about plans for the Metaverse, a virtual world where people can meet, play and work. However, a recently filed patent by the company may introduce one of its plans for users of the Metaverse.

Gamers of virtual reality games like VRChat Already enjoy creating custom avatars, changing their clothing, and customizing their virtual self to express themselves. While some may enjoy disguising as a digital avatar that doesn’t look like them, this new patent aims to bring some of the real world into the metaverse.

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Facebook’s patent was published in late July and revealed plans to develop a system that would allow users to upload their own clothing to the Metaverse. The system is designed to take multiple photos of the user, which records data about the color, shape and design of the clothes they are wearing, as well as their bodies. This information is then taken and transformed into a 3D mesh based on the clothing and another based on the body underneath it.

In computer graphics, grids form the underlying structure of a model and give it its general shape. It can then be further refined by implementing certain texture maps such as normal maps. The patent mentions that it intends to create a “skin-clothing boundary,” which could mean that the clothing can even respond to the user’s movements, the boundary being used to prevent clothing from passing through the body and disrupting immersion.

It’s an interesting prospect, although it remains to be seen how well it will work in execution, or whether it will materialize. Other programs and games have struggled to achieve photorealistic 3D face scans from images or videos, but over time this has started to change. The idea of ​​uploading an actual outfit someone has in real life might appeal to some, although the odds of the average user wanting to go to Metaverse to talk to a stranger who looks exactly like it seem low.

However, this may not be the intended use of the technology. The Metaverse has also been repeatedly touted as offering a way to communicate remotely with colleagues, as well as the ability to hang out with friends and family from afar. Looking like one’s true self in these situations can be helpful and welcome by many.

Metaverse has already seen some controversy, with users feeling harassed, and it’s unclear when it will actually go live. Meta continues to lose money in its virtual reality division, but it’s clear that progress continues to be made in developing technologies that will make the Metaverse more attractive and useful to a variety of user types.

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