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The Evo 2022 Fighting Game event is taking place in Las Vegas, hosting high-level fighting game tournaments and making special announcements about upcoming games in the genre.One of the hottest new fighting games on the market is Cross Fighter multidimensional, so it’s no surprise that it appears in the event.However, Evo Tournament rules prohibit competitors from choosing two multidimensional Warrior or fight in one of the stages.

as described in multidimensional Evo 2022 rules, characters added after the start of the public beta are not allowed to participate in the competition.This means that neither LeBron James nor the Iron Giant can multidimensional contest participants. Neither LeBron nor the Iron Giant are the most popular characters in the game, but they still have their fans, so some Evo attendees might be disappointed by their ban.

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In addition to LeBron James and the Iron Giant being banned from the character pool, one of multidimensional Stage competitions are also made illegal. Presumably for the same reason LeBron James and the Iron Giants were suspended, multidimensional Evo players may not play on the Cromulons stage. Cromulons stage, based on the hit adult cartoon show rick and mortywas added after the public beta went live for a while, which is probably why tournament viewers couldn’t pick it up at Evo.

Future Evo events and other fighting game tournaments will follow multidimensional Officially released, but some characters may also be banned from these events. For example, the Velma and Jake exploits were recently discovered by the community, so it was necessary for officials to enforce where the two couldn’t be at the same time in any potential 2v2 tournament.

If other characters are released at the start of the tournament, they may be banned.For example, if in Morty add to multidimensionalthe promoters may decide to ban him from the competition, as the participants may not have much chance to play Morty and oppose him.

multidimensional Morty will probably be added at the start of Season 1, but it remains to be seen when exactly. multidimensional Season 1 currently has no release date, and the public beta has been extended indefinitely.

multidimensional Playable in open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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