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Elon Musk Very online and very willing to engage in conversations related to various technologies.This includes topics related to video games, as he has previously discussed his favorite game, his Eldon Ring build, and other topics on social media. One of Musk’s recent gaming-related priorities is bringing Steam to Tesla cars so they can be played on the dashboard. The idea has since led Musk to be asked if he would be interested in creating his own video game console.

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Musk was on the latest episode of the Full Send podcast when he was asked if he was interested in creating a video game console. Musk is clearly a fan of video games, has a staggering wealth, and has enough opinions on how to differentiate his console from a PlayStation or Xbox. However, Musk said he was not interested in doing such a thing. He answers the question fairly definitively with a straight “no.”

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Elaborating, Musk said he was “not sure” if adding another video game console to the current market would create any value. Additionally, he explained that video game consoles are “essentially PCs,” which could mean he sees consoles as increasingly vague compared to PC gaming. That’s not surprising, as Musk has previously talked about not playing games on the console.He said one console franchise he played was halo.

Based on his current Tesla game goals, it’s easy to see what Musk’s game tendencies are. If Musk announced that he was working with Sony or Microsoft to build PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles into Tesla cars, it would definitely make headlines. Instead, Musk’s priority is to get Steam running on the Tesla dashboard.

If Musk did decide to create his own video game console, he would definitely start with the audience. Musk has an almost rabid following online, who share his thoughts and opinions on social media. Because of the popularity of Musk’s gaming-related tweets, the intersection between these audiences and the video game community also appears to be important.

That’s not to say Musk is wrong, he says that there probably isn’t much value in adding another console to the current gaming market. Much of the success of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo owes much to their foundation across multiple generations of consoles. Not a major party has joined the market since the Xbox in 2001. Musk Seemingly content to keep playing PC games, working to bring Steam to Tesla cars, and sharing his thoughts online.

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