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A glitch in FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, shows a player standing at the Lost Grace site when they should be sitting and resting.

Earlier this year, Eldon Ring It was well-received and adored by a fan base after it hit the shelves. so far, Eldon Ring Reportedly having sold over 13.4 million copies, it is FromSoftware’s best-selling game. Like the studio’s previous games, it’s notoriously difficult and frustrating to set up. Unfortunately, at the time of its initial release, the game also had a reputation for being buggy.

The PC version of the game endured most of the criticism, as the Steam version’s Eldon Ring It was initially met with mixed reviews due to performance issues. Many of these issues have been fixed, and Steam reviews for the game are currently listed as “Very Positive”. However, no matter how many times the developers tinker with the game, there are some issues and quirks.

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since Eldon Ring After launch, players shared the odd quirks and glitches they encountered with the game.One of the more interesting errors shows Eldon Ring The enemy malfunctioned at the top of the ladder, and he crouched on the ladder over and over again. In a recent post, Reddit user Educational-Price-40 revealed a bizarre glitch where player characters won’t sit on the Lost Grace ruins, but still have the full menu available.

despite the fact Eldon Ring technically an original intellectual property dark soul game. Both involve the player character killing a handful of very powerful entities to gain their powers. Furthermore, this power was used to inspire a vague cosmic force that made the so-called Golden Age arguably over.In fact, the two franchises are so similar that George RR Martin once mentioned Eldon Ring as a dark soul sequel. The Lost Grace site is one of these similar elements.

exist Eldon Ringthe site of the lost grace with the bonfire in dark soul game. Players rest at these locations, regenerate health, replenish healing potions, and level up. Additionally, players can quickly travel between these locations. Character deaths that occur before reaching these locations can be especially heartbreaking due to lost progress.However, in some cases, the Lost Grace site is in Eldon Ring Not always relaxing, one of them is located near the walking mausoleum. It makes these types of locations even more unsettling when a glitch in the game prevents players from even being able to sit at the site.

Eldon Ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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