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Eldon Ring is a difficult game with a vast open world filled with intimidating bosses. Players will encounter various enemies such as Malenia, Mohg, Margit, Rennala and many more.However, the more time a person spends on the land, the better they are at winning Eldon Ring Boss fights.

Gamers find that each boss has specific strengths and weaknesses and behaves differently for each build. For example, some enemies may be more vulnerable to melee damage, while others are more vulnerable to magic and sorcery.Players now regularly use various cheating methods by properly understanding the game’s key weaknesses Eldon Ring bosses.

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Reddit user Khomuna is one of them Eldon Ring Use simple methods to defeat one of the most demanding bosses in the game, the player of Commander Neil.Users shared a short video showing their confrontation with the challenger Eldon Ring The boss, and how they used their high IQ to beat him.The video starts with the user walking through the fog, which is a habitual ritual before each Eldon Ring boss fight, and apply the Terra Magica buff.

Next, Khomuna didn’t waste much time and started bombarding Commander Niall with another magic-based attack, the Azure Comet. Commander Neil was completely overwhelmed by the magic, as he couldn’t hit with a single hit and just fell over within seconds. Unsurprisingly, the Reddit community praised the original poster’s state of mind and knowledge of the different spells to ensure the stacking effect. The post received over 3,000 votes and hundreds of inspiring comments. Some users also pointed to the static nature of Commander Niall as part of the reason for his failure to use this technique.

Comet Azur and Terra Magica are two of the most popular witchcraft in the world Eldon Ring Because they complement each other. Terra Magica creates a magic sphere around the player that increases magic damage by 35%, while Comet Azur creates a giant comet that can be used as an efficient ranged weapon. The original Terra Magica buff significantly increased the intensity of Comet Azur’s sorcery, contributing to the easy death of Commander Niall.

This is not the first time Eldon Ring Players have found a way to cheese Commander Neil. Not long ago, another Reddit user found a way to defeat Commander Niall from a distance by repeatedly firing precise arrows through a small hole in Castle Sol.

Eldon Ring Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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