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Last week, it was reported that Blizzard officially started “Friends and Family Alpha” Diablo 4. This alpha test will go beyond the staff-only test and will invite trusted friends and family to play the current version of the . Diablo 4, but only under strict NDAs. NDA test leaks are rare, especially when only “trusted” individuals are invited, but it seems some players are eager to share Diablo 4 Information with the public.

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The most prominent leak features several interceptions from Diablo 4 alpha’s open menu. The UI clearly uses temporary assets, but there are still some interesting findings.The most prominent confirmation is the return Diablo 3season, as a game option, players can create a character to participate in a competitive progression match for the current season. Seasons often feature unique gear and exclusive rewards, and characters and content don’t make their way into the regular game until the season ends.

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other reveal Diablo 4 The alpha’s menus are less clear about whether they are final features.For example, there is a look at Diablo 4character creation system, but it may only be part of what is available.Four menus displayed Diablo 4 Character creation includes Face and Body, Hair, Accessories, and Color. These options are what will appear when a male barbarian is selected.

Two other interesting features are in Diablo 4 The alpha’s menu includes optional tutorials and a difficulty menu. The tutorial provides the player with two options, “More Instruction” and “Less Instruction”.More guidance will provide players with in-depth tutorials and recommended for new players Diablo player. Less Guidance will only provide “minimal” directions, and only works with new Diablo 4 feature.

The difficulty options are fun to say the least. Once character creation is complete, players will be presented with two difficulty options. There are “Adventurer – World Tier 1” and “Veteran – World Tier 2”. The first recommended for new players and those who want an easy challenge. Enemies are considered easy to defeat, and loot rewards are “average”. Veteran difficulty is for the challenge, providing not only better loot drops, but also increased experience and gold. Diablo Games usually have at least three difficulties: Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. Diablo 3 Then Hell was added, and later 13 layers of Torment.It is possible, even probable, that there will be more difficulties after the campaign is complete Diablo 4.

This is clearly not the most efficient way to learn new knowledge Diablo 4 feature. For more specific information, Diablo Fans will have to wait for Blizzard’s season Diablo 4 Report.Nonetheless, for those who crave any point Diablo 4 With the information available, it appears that leaks may appear more frequently.

Diablo 4 2023 release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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