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On Friday, MSNBC host Joy Reid attacked Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for what she called the “Orbanization” of the state’s education system , referring to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Reed called it a “white nationalist environment” and said it prohibits making “white kids uncomfortable at school.”

“I’ve seen the greatest degree of Orbanization in people like DeSantis who had this kind of propaganda school where he sent teachers in the summer to teach them Thomas Jefferson and George Washington against slavery, and To be too lazy to mention that they owned slaves, he was basically forcing the teacher to accept that indoctrination,” Reed said.

“He fired a U.S. state attorney who refused to prosecute people related to abortion,” she continued. He’s doing these overtly authoritarian Orbanian things, pushing a version that feels like white substitution theory, you can’t make white kids uncomfortable in school, you can’t speak of racism in the workplace, you have to Create this white nationalist environment anywhere or otherwise. “

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