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Although it’s a short game overall, people are always looking for ways to make the game faster, and one player set a new record.

There are people in the gaming community who like to challenge themselves and usually try to finish the game as fast as possible. Usually, this is done in good faith. Last month, Summer Games Done Quick raised over $3 million and speedrunning is very active. There are plenty of titles to choose from while running.One of them is Valve’s 2007 puzzle masterpiece Web portalsalthough this is already a fairly short game, some people can get through it quickly.

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Take the example of runner Ethan29, who not long ago Web portals, reached the finish line in less than six minutes, and the actual time dropped to 5:55:320. It was a jaw-dropping achievement, beating second place by just milliseconds. The category they run for this is “out of bounds”. This means that runners can find ways to break through the physical properties of the game world, such as walls and floors, to scrape precious framerates. Watch the video showing the insane precision and speed with which Ethan29 moves.

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Not long ago, user Shizzal was able to set records by running fast Web portals At 5:56, it’s still crazy. At the time of writing, this is already third, and it remains to be seen whether the newest world record holder will be eliminated. It also shows that this is a great game for anyone who wants to try running. As mentioned, the base experience is already pretty short, lasting about two and a half to three hours depending on the player, so seeing it beat in less than six minutes shows some great skill and dedication Spirit.

As for the games themselves, Valve’s puzzle series is in Portal: Companion Collection The surprise launched on Switch a few weeks ago.This version also provides Web portals game, and marked the developer’s first release on a Nintendo console.

As a great co-op game for family game nights, Web portals and Portal 2 Received many accolades over the years. Both were well received in their respective releases and continue to be popular today. Many noticed not only the puzzles themselves, but the overall story, character development, and excellent voice acting of JK Simmons, who played the invisible Cave Johnson in the sequel, the first game’s protagonist, GLaDOS.

Portal: Companion Collection Now available for Nintendo Switch.

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