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Just last week, on The Ascent’s one-year anniversary, developer Neon Giant joked that the game would be getting more content. The new content has finally been announced in the form of the Cyber​​​ Heist DLC. The top-down shooter was one of the best games of the last year, mostly due to its stunning cyberpunk aesthetic and tight shooting mechanics. These mechanics were further enhanced when The Ascent came to PlayStation and took advantage of DualSense’s capabilities.

While the new DLC will be out on August 18, we still don’t know much about it. What we do know is that it will contain a new main quest and side quests, a new Malhorst-Gelb-owned ecology location, and of course, new weapons. These new weapons will also include brand new melee weapon tiers. Our brief glimpse at it in the announcement video suggests that these weapons will be able to perform skill moves such as spin attacks.

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The Cyber​​ Heist DLC will be available for $10 on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC at the same time. The game came to PlayStation in March and brought a host of new features and improvements, primarily compatibility with DualSense’s haptic feedback technology.The developers have been silent since the game launched for PlayStation in March, but given the sheer size of the playable area, a story DLC seems likely

Arcade Berg, co-founder of Neon Giant, tells us what these features bring to the game. “The fact that you can relate it to sound design in some way [via the controller speakers] It’s a great way to increase immersion and quality,” he said. “You get the feeling that the controller is reacting really well to the explosion, but also subtle things like you reloading the gun.

In fact, we asked him at the time if the game would have more story content. He didn’t reveal anything at the time, but he told us that he and the team have been “exploring what The Ascent can do in the future, so keep an eye out.”

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