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Many collaborations go into sex scenes to make sure the cast and crew are ready for filming.

Olly Alexander IT is a sin

A scene from “It’s a Sin”.

red production company

Alicia Rodis of HBO Studios, a pioneer of intimate coordinating characters who helped choreograph sex scenes on set, told Insider there was a lot of open conversation about intimate content before filming began.

“I’ve found it’s no secret that problematic sex scenes in the past and problematic power dynamics on set can lead to coercion, which can lead people to do things they later regret or do things they don’t agree with. ,” Rodis said.

According to Rhodes, giving actors the option to leave the scene is part of “pre-production work and making sure we know what’s going to happen. Or at least, what we’re not going to do.”

Ita O’Brien, the close coordinator of shows like HBO’s “I Could Destroy You” and Hulu’s “Ordinary People,” agrees that preparation and cooperation between all departments is the key to a successful sex scene.

“It’s about the conversation with the producer, the conversation with the director, then the conversation with the actors, and the conversation with the wardrobe apartment,” O’Brien said.

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