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Microsoft is making major changes to the Xbox Series S console that could improve its performance in significant ways for all owners.

In November 2020, Microsoft launched the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Console concatenation. The Xbox Series X will be Microsoft’s most advanced visual engine hardware at a price to match, while the Xbox Series S will be a more affordable option focused on 1080p visuals. However, the Xbox Series S console is not without criticism due to its limited hardware. However, Xbox is doing everything it can to get the most out of the Xbox Series S, including an upcoming change that could improve the console’s capabilities.

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In a developer update for the Xbox Series S, Microsoft Game Dev confirmed that it has made significant changes to the console that should positively impact future games. Going forward, games running on the Xbox Series S will get “hundreds of megabytes of extra memory” compared to before. This memory was previously reserved by the Xbox Series S for system use, but will now be unlocked.

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Consoles generally reserve memory for system-level processes. Different consoles have different needs and therefore use different amounts of memory. Why it matters for the Xbox Series S is that the console doesn’t necessarily have enough free memory to boot. The Xbox Series S has only 10GB of RAM, while the Xbox Series X has 16GB of RAM. After removing the memory reserved for the Xbox Series S system, game developers can only use close to 8GB of space.​​​

It’s unclear exactly how much memory Microsoft has freed up on the Xbox Series S for game developers. Hundreds of megabytes are certainly worth admitting. The developers are sure to use every megabyte provided to them to improve their games for Xbox Series S players.

This means that games on the Xbox Series S, as long as developers take the time to get used to the extra memory available, should improve from before. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right away, as developers need time to adjust, nor does it mean the changes will be big. But it could mean that the overall visuals of the Xbox Series S will be improved across many games.

Unfortunately, the criticism of the Xbox Series S simply cannot be addressed by unlocking a few hundred megabytes of memory. Microsoft chose to release a less powerful console to reach a larger audience, and there were pros and cons associated with it. Still, it’s working on improving the platform, which is still a good thing.especially since The Xbox Series S isn’t going anywhere for the foreseeable future.

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