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Level grinding in World of Warcraft is largely a Marmite experience. Some people love it, escalating dozens of alts to the highest level in quick succession, others only do it once per expansion and hate every second of it.In a move that may be good news for both factions, the latest expansion, Dragonflight, will reduce the total experience required to level up to level 60 by around 50% – at least according to Extracted from the latest alpha release (you can check Full stats are here). Those who like leveling can double up the alt to the highest level, and those who hate it don’t have to struggle with the experience.

World of Warcraft dragon experience reduced

Certain levels have increased requirements – more specifically, levels 10-31. Between 10-20, XP requirements increased by about 4% on average, and between 20-31 increased by an average of 13%. However, this is a drop in the pool. 32-40 averaged a 24% drop; 41-50 averaged a whopping 60%; and 51-60 averaged a staggering 74%. In raw conditions, going from 1 to 60 would require 2.1 million XP, which is lower than the 4.85 million XP required by Shadowlands. In addition to that, the Chromie Time system allows players to adjust their alts in any expansion they want, and there will no longer be an 89% XP penalty at levels 51-60. This makes sense, as the current penalty exists to encourage players to level up their trumpets in the Shadowlands region. Once Dragonflight is introduced, the level cap will be raised to 70, and the Chromie time penalty will likely apply to levels 61-70.

Of course, we don’t yet know how the new numbers will stack up. The previous expansion compressed the experience requirement, while also reducing the experience provided by missions and enemy mobs. That being said, this isn’t the first time World of Warcraft has accelerated the upgrade process. In Cataclysm, Wrath of the Lich King, and Battle for Azeroth, leveling requirements have been reduced by approximately 25-33%. If this XP reduction goes as planned, it will be the largest XP reduction in World of Warcraft history.

For more information on Dragonflight, check out our article on the new Dragonriding talent, or our rundown of the latest changes to Strike Shaman.

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