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Bullet Train is full of cameos from wagons from familiar faces. but none quite reach the “where” Do I know them? The height of the White Death, a Russian gangster villain with majestic hair, meets Brad Pitt’s hapless ladybug in an action movie.

If you can’t put your name on your face, we’re here to help. Below, we’ll introduce you to the identity of the actor who played White Death, along with a full list of other cameos along the way — including a lead actor that director David Leitch hopes to include in the Bullet Train.

Who is the White Death in Bullet Train?

white grim reaper in bullet train

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

In the bullet train, the ghost of the shadowy leader of the world’s largest criminal organization, the White Death, looms. In the final scene, he shows his face. As previously revealed in the film’s marketing, the heavily tattooed figure is played by Michael Shannon, best known for his role as Prohibition’s Nelson van Alden in “Board Bridge Empire,” and in “Steel” Play Zod in “Man”. He has twice been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, once in Revolutionary Road and most recently in Nocturnal Animals.

other bullet train cameos

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