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  • Video posted on social media showed a waterspout slamming violently on Smith Island, Maryland.
  • In one video, a waterspout tore through several buildings, sending debris flying.
  • Photos posted to social media show the home in various stages of destruction.

Video posted on social media on Thursday showed a waterspout slamming into an island off the coast of Maryland, wreaking havoc on multiple homes.

A video shared on Twitter shows the waterspout moving inland and rushing towards a series of buildings before tearing apart parts and sending debris flying.

Another video, shot from a different angle, showed the waterspout tearing across the water when someone offscreen said: “It’s in the channel”. Video showed winds blowing, collecting debris and tearing off the roofs of nearby buildings.

Another video, shot from a greater distance, shows the waterspout extending upwards into the clouds.

According to local news media Delmarva now260 people live on Smith Island, which is made up of three towns – Lord’s Point, Taylorton and Ewell.

Rhodes Point resident Tiffanie Wutila told Insider the island lost power after the waterspout hit.

“One house was completely demolished, the roofs of several others were lost, and it destroyed the only two gas stations on the island at our Exxon gas station,” Woutila described how the boat was “thrown into the everywhere”.

Wutila, who moved to the island in June, said her shed was “ripped apart”.

“We had a random roof in our yard,” she told Insider. “I didn’t know anything like this ever happened here.”

The Smith Island fire department did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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