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Life is Strange: Primary Colors developer Deck Nine doubts the series will return to the plot model used in earlier releases developed by Dontnod.

The original Life is Strange, the sequel, and the spin-off, Before the Storm, were all released through an episodic mode promoted by Telltale Games. Back then, each little story chapter was released over the course of several months. In 2021, True Colors bucks that trend. While retaining the plot structure, the game was rolled out to fans as a complete experience from day one.

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Senior Narrative Designer Philip Lawrence told us that this approach has proven itself well suited for developers and doesn’t frustrate players. Stone Paper Shotgun. During Deck Nine and Square Enix discussing the future of the series, Lawrence noted that the team is confident in sticking to the model from now on. In his words, it allowed them to leave the production of each episode behind.

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“I can’t imagine we’re going back to scenario mode. The reaction has been very positive. I think we’ve been careful to keep that scenario structure because it does seem to appeal to players. It’s all part of the DNA that life is weird,” Lawrence said. “As you can imagine, it was a much talked about and painful decision, but I think it was the right decision.”

Plot development mode sounds like a thing of the past, as its tight schedule makes it difficult for teams to keep up with consistent plot releases. Some may still rely on it, like the upcoming The Wolf Among Us 2, although AdHoc’s developers have confirmed that all episodes are being developed at the same time. Still, they’ll be released at the short intervals fans of the original are used to.

current true color stand It’s 90% positive on Steam, and also won big at this year’s Gayming Awards. This shows that Deck Nine’s team knows the series very well and has a good grasp of the next game. Everything seems to indicate that the studio will continue to create Life is Strange games in the future, although nothing has been officially announced yet.

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