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Ahead of the weekend, we also have a Wordle guide to help you extend your winning streak into Saturday and Sunday. There’s nothing better than starting the weekend with a Wordle victory, and we’re here to make sure that happens. The August 5 answer has a similar letter usage to yesterday’s answer, but a completely different structure.

For this word, in addition to possibly following the tips listed below, you need to use a solid starter word. I barely managed to slip through this answer, simply because my fifth guess left so few letters. This Wordle doesn’t use a lot of letters, so players need to be prepared for their guesswork. To make things easier, in addition to providing the full answer, we’ve further listed two tips.

Wordle Answers Today – August 5, 2022

First, we’ll give some hints to keep players’ minds on track in terms of their guesses. These tips won’t give you the full answer, but will help some players get Wordle. If they don’t, then the player can read the prompt to get the full answer.

  • Tip 1: If there’s a ton of glitches and other weird happenings that keep happening, you might say gaming is the word.
  • Hint 2: This word uses only four letters and has two vowels.

If these tips didn’t help you in Wordle August 5th and you just want answers, keep reading. Wordle’s full answer today is…”buggy.” By any imagination is not an easy word to guess. Double letters always trip up players, and the use of “u” and “y” doesn’t help. Hope you can continue your winning streak over the weekend. Check back Monday for another version of our Wordle guide.

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