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Three other ships carrying grain had left Ukrainian ports for inspections in Turkey, the Turkish Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The three ships loaded a total of 58,000 tons of corn.

The departure of the ships comes after the first grain ships left Ukraine since the war began earlier this week. It crossed the Black Sea under wartime agreement, passed inspections in Istanbul on Wednesday, and then headed to Lebanon.

Trapped grain stocks in Ukraine, one of the world’s main breadbaskets, have fueled a sharp rise in food prices and sparked fears of a global hunger crisis.

The ships that set off from Ukraine on Friday came from more than a dozen bulk carriers and cargo ships that have been laden with grain and stranded at ports there since the invasion began in late February.

While tens of thousands of tons of grain are now being shipped out with these latest shipments, that’s still just a fraction of what Ukraine says is the 20 million tons stuck in the country’s silos and ports, which must be shipped in sequence. out to make room for new harvests.

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