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It’s a metaverse party Miley Cyrus joins Roblox Promote Gucci Flora, Gucci’s latest fragrance. Cyrus was the celebrity face of Gucci Beauty’s Flora Gorgeous Jasmine campaign, featured as an avatar at Gucci Towna Roblox experience that invites players to explore the world of Gucci through mini-games, scavenger hunts, a museum celebrating the Gucci brand, and more.

It’s no surprise that Cyrus found a home in Roblox. Fashion icon Karli Kloss, singer-songwriter George Ezra and musical duo Twenty One Pilots are just some of the famous faces who have recently embraced the metaverse with Roblox.

One of the first major musical acts in Roblox was Cyrus collaborator Lil Nas X, who rose to fame when he teamed up with Cyrus’ father, Billy Ray Cyrus, to remix X’s hit “Old Town Road.”

The background of the photo is Miley Cyrus' face at Roblox's Gucci Township.

Fans can explore Gucci town by locating perfume bottles scattered throughout the experience and collect gems that can be exchanged for avatar items. They can also take part in mini-games to earn extra gems, including red light, green light inspired classes and tile takeover, where teams compete to take over as many tiles as possible before time expires. Robloxians can also chat with Cyrus’ avatar and take a virtual photo with her, then encourage them to share on social media. For players who don’t have time to collect gems but still want to look stylish in Gucci, the Gucci store offers additional Gucci merchandise, available through Robux.

While it may not currently be possible to pack a physical fragrance into a virtual world experience, Gucci is showing it off by turning it into a digital, wearable bottle backpack.physical smell Priced at $129but for 100 Robux (~$1.25) players can express their love for Gucci, Cyrus and the fragrance itself with the in-game perfume bottle.

This collaboration marks the fifth collaboration between Gucci and Roblox in the Gucci Town experience. As such, it’s a testament to Gucci’s bet on the metaverse as a way to reach audiences in new ways. This is just the latest branding for the platform, having recently seen a digital experience from Tommy Hilfiger, truckand Puma.

After collecting and redeeming your gems at Gucci Town, check out our list of August Roblox promo codes for more avatar gear. And check out our list of the best Roblox games of 2022 for more metaverse action.

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