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The work week is finally over, so here are some of the day’s biggest gaming stories to take you into the weekend to make sure you’re up to date. For example, Square Enix revealed on a recent conference call that the company said it wanted to sell more of its stake in the studio to focus more on Japanese games.

We also got the news that Deck Nine recently revealed that it has completed an episodic version of the Life is Strange series, and a series of music tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have leaked, hinting at many of the tracks that will be added to the game in the future.

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Square Enix reportedly wants to ‘sell a stake’ in its studio to focus on Japanese games

Square Enix has been talking about the sale of its controversial Deus Ex and Tomb Raider studios Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics in a recent conference call. Square Enix plans to sell more of its stake in its studio to focus more on its Japanese games, according to analyst David Gibson, who was on the call. It also explained that the reason for the sale of the two Western studios was fears that their titles “would cannibalize sales of the rest of the group”.

Life is Strange: True Colours Dev doesn’t think the series will return to the episodic approach

Don’t expect the next Life is Strange game to be episodic, as True Colours developer Deck Nine has explained that it’s going to drop the practice. While the first two games in the series were episodic, True Colors was launched as a full experience, and senior narrative designer Phillip Lawrence said he “couldn’t imagine” the series returning to its episodic roots .

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Music Track Leaked, Hints at Future Lessons

Dataminers have discovered a bunch of unreleased Mario Kart 8 Deluxe music clips in the latest update, giving players a good idea of ​​what the future wave of Mario Kart DLC will bring. While the clips are only a few seconds long, Mario Kart-focused players won’t waste time making connections quickly. I won’t reveal those tracks here in case you wish it was still a surprise, but Mario Kart players think they’ve figured out the next 15 tracks coming into the game as DLC.

MultiVersus is “overhauling” its Hitbox

Director Tony Huynh revealed more MultiVersus information, as Player First Games is apparently working on an “overhaul” of the game’s hit box for some characters. While Huynh didn’t mention which characters’ hitboxes would be changed, players have been complaining about Wonder Woman, Jake, and Finn, the latter of which has a nerf on the way.

DC movies have been ‘reset’ to follow Marvel’s ten-year plan

We have some movie news to round things up because DC gave us another reason to change its universe by canceling Batgirl and several other projects. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav claims DC has done a “reset” and is planning a “ten-year plan” similar to what Disney did with Marvel. However, Zaslav explained that DC is still excited about movies like Black Adam, Shazam: Wrath of the Gods and The Flash.

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