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Perfect Golf Swing Needs Serious work, both in terms of training and maintenance. Even professional golfers practice hundreds, if not thousands, of swings before a single round. It’s an inevitable part of the game.

One of the best ways to practice your swing is at home with a hitting mat. Being able to work out any mechanical kinks or try something new will give you a better chance of repeating your swing, which will definitely improve your rhythm, balance and consistency.

A man-made surface dedicated to hitting is critical, as there is no turf to withstand wear and tear, and no rugs or mats to protect your hands and wrists from injury.

Having co-authored many golf instruction books, I am delighted to have learned the most desired qualities of a hitting pad from top golf instruction professionals. Like other types of golf equipment, these mats have steadily improved over the years—I’ve listed six of the best I’ve tested below.

Here are the best golf mats

Best Overall: DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mat, $245 at Amazon
DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mats are full-size, 4 x 5 feet, and range tested for durability and a natural grass feel, the premium product you need for a mat.

Best for Experienced Golfers: Original Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat, $499 at Amazon
The Original Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat is built for top golfers and is extremely durable yet has the “playability” features that championship golfers demand.

Best Budget: GoSports Pro 5×4 Golf Pad, $151.99 at Amazon
The GoSports Pro 5×4 Golf Pad is a favorite among recreational golfers who practice for fun and keep their swings fluid and rhythmic.

Best for short game improvements: Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Pad, $99.99 at Amazon
The Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Pad is a compact, portable practice aid with three turf heights for simulating rough, fairway and short cut “collar” turf.

Best for alignment training: SASRL Golf Instructor Mat, $49.99 on Amazon
The SASRL Golf Trainer Mat is a portable 13 x 24.4 inch swing aid that allows you to leave a mark on your shot indicating the correct or misaligned ball path.

Best for Beginners: Champkey Tri-Turf Golf Pad, $49.99 on Amazon
Affordable and durable, the Champkey Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat is available in three grass heights and introduces players to “true golf” conditions.

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