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Last month, we featured a unique QR code jigsaw puzzle that, when scanned, gives you a chance to win $1 million.This $2 million puzzle – so called because two lucky puzzle lovers will take home the jackpot – is back.

The 500-piece puzzle comes from Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF, who released the million-dollar puzzle in 2021. You can think of the $2 million puzzle as double the jackpot winner.

You need to be 18 or older to redeem the code, but there are “no losers” for the $2 million puzzle. Everyone who completes the challenge will get at least $1, although we hope you end up with bigger rewards.

At worst, you’ll spend $24 for an afternoon of jigsaw puzzles. Hey, maybe you’ll want to box and display your QR code?If you do win $1 million (very, very unlikely), consider throwing a few bucks into these other mind-bending puzzles, such as Venn puzzle, Tycho puzzle, or Jack puzzle.

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