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Beta testing is the perfect way to learn about your lessons in Super People, but have you honed your skills enough to earn $75,000? The final beta of Wonder People’s upcoming battle royale game comes with an in-game tournament that, if you win, could really change your life.

Similar to Respawn’s Apex Legends, Super People pushes players into a life-or-death battle, pitting them as powerful heroes and villains trying to inscribe their names in the history books.

The game has gone through multiple beta tests and has already attracted over 4 million players, making it a real contender in a field dominated by the aforementioned Apex, alongside Fortnite and sideways Warzone.

However, to celebrate the final beta of Super People, Wonder People will be hosting a Super Tournament where you and your team will receive $75,000 if you win. Sound like a perfect Friday night? Here’s everything you need to know.

Super People Beta has a $75,000 tournament

Superman Beta Tournament Information

The Super Championship will be August 17-31, And any player can play for the first three days – after that you need to be level 7.You also need to attend duo (Not that $37,500 is a bad deal).

There are qualifying rounds, group stages, and then the final. Teams will earn seed points for their games, which will go on to determine whether they make it to the finals.

Below is a list of the regions where matches are available (your region will be listed in the lower right corner of the game lobby), as well as the effective time between matches. Of course, these may change:

area PST eastern time BST CEST Korea time
Asia 4:00am to 7:40am 7:00am to 10:40am 12 noon to 3:40 pm 1:00pm to 4:40pm 8pm to 11:40pm
Europe 11am to 2:40pm 2pm to 5:40pm 7pm to 10:40pm 8pm to 11:40pm 3:00am to 6:40am
North America 5pm to 8:40pm 8pm to 11:40pm 1:00 am to 4:40 am 2 am to 5:40 am 9:00am to 12:40pm
Latin America 4pm to 7:40pm 7pm to 10:40pm 12 am to 9:40 pm 1:00am to 4:40am 8am to 11:40pm
ocean 5am ​​to 8:40pm 8:00am to 11:40am 1:00pm to 4:40pm 2pm to 5:40pm 9:00pm to 12:40am

If you’re looking to sharpen your skills to grab the top spot (and cash, of course) for yourself, be sure to check out our list of the best superhero classes and abilities to give yourself a head start.

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