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Steam will continue to add support for more controller hardware. Those who love the quirky and revolutionary style of the Nintendo controller will be pleased to note that the latest version of the Steam beta client now supports Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch.

“Added support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, either individually as mini gamepads or combined in pairs,” notes Yesterday’s Steam Blog Update. Valve also “improved support for several added Nintendo Online Classic controllers” last monthwhich includes Nintendo 64, NES, SNES, Sega Mega Drive, and Genesis controllers.

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Joy-Cons don’t have most of the features of existing game controllers, but they’re small and lightweight, making them ideal for mobile gamers who might use a laptop. They could also one day be paired with the Steam Deck, which would make Valve’s handheld more of a Switch competitor. The only downside to the Joy-Con is its persistent stick drift.

Remember, you need to opt-in to the Steam Beta client to get Joy-Con support.For instructions on how to opt in, visit the Steam Support site here.

In other Steam news, Valve recently boosted pre-orders for the Steam deck. Some bookings have been moved to the third quarter of 2022, while the rest will be fully booked by the end of the year. Valve notes that pre-orders taking place now are scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022, but could be pushed back to early next year.

Amid the recent pricing controversy, Spider-Man Remastered initially landed on Steam at a higher-than-expected price. Storefronts in New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Poland, Norway, Switzerland and Israel list Spider-Man Remastered for about $5 more than elsewhere. Sony has since corrected pricing in those countries, and Valve is advising anyone who pre-ordered at the higher price to re-order at the lower price before the game arrives on August 12.Instructions on how to do this can be viewed on Valve Post here.

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