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Following its most recent earnings call, Square Enix is ​​reportedly looking to sell some of its stake in its development studio to devote more resources to its selection of games.

according to Game Industry Analyst David Gibson, the publisher will review its portfolio to see which studios it wants to retain full ownership of or offer stakes to other interested companies. As Gibson explained, Square Enix sees this strategy as a way to “dedicate resources primarily to Japanese games” and could be of interest to Sony, Tencent and Nexon.

Some of the studios Square Enix currently owns include the four creative business units responsible for Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and smaller games, Luminous Productions, which is currently developing Forspoken, and Tokyo RPG Factory. As Gibson points out, Square Enix’s strategy is unusual because it has zero debt and enough operating cash to fund game development.

“release [Crystal Dynamics / Eidos Montreal] sold, the company will have [$1.4 billion] Cash and zero debt. Gibson explained. “It’s enough to fund the expansion of gaming investments, rather than selling a stake in its studio.

The earnings call also discussed the recent sale of Square Enix’s Western studios Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics to Embracer Group. According to Gibson, the studios collectively “cannibalized” the sales of the rest of the group.

The sale is “phase one” of Square Enix’s plan, while phase two will include a portfolio review.The publisher also confirmed Plans to invest in blockchain and NFTs Technology, ideas that don’t match the theme of one of its best-selling games, Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix has a number of games in the works for the future, which could make it attractive to potential investors. Tactics Ogre’s overhaul is in the works, Forspoken will be released next year, and Harvestella looks delicious. In addition to these games, the company’s heavyweight Final Fantasy series will launch Final Fantasy XVI in summer 2023 and Final Fantasy Reborn in winter 2023.

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