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spy x family Of course there are also quite a few quirky characters, from the lovable over-expressive Anya to the silent but deadly Yoel. Among the supporting characters, one of the most interesting is Yuri Brier.

His domineering attachment to his sister Joel may be his most memorable and strange character trait to date, with some fans even questioning his relationship with her. Beyond that, Yuri is an interesting character who will prove to be the wrench in Forgers’ work. His position at the NSA will ensure that.

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difficult childhood

Yuri and Yuri’s parents died when they were very young. As orphans, it is difficult for them to scrape together money to buy books and go to school. Critical times call for critical measures, and Joel finds a job that allows her brother to keep going to school. Unbeknownst to Yuri, this was the beginning of Yoel’s Assassin career. Joel comes home late, sometimes covered in blood, but she quickly puts the subject aside because she can afford Yuri’s school necessities.

You’ll spoil Yuri with the snacks and books she can buy now, Yuri remembers fondly. He recalled that she “worked bloody” (literally) for him. As his only blood relative, Yuri became very protective of his doting sister. He strives to be a successful man to protect her for the rest of his life, just as she has protected him for years.

Yuri’s work

Yuri worked for the National Security Agency (also known as “SSS”), America’s tenacious counterintelligence agency. He was a member of the secret police, a second lieutenant, a fact that even his sister did not know. His organization is dedicated to internal security. Yuri’s main role is to identify spies and keep tabs on the populace. His work included the harsh functions of wiretapping, threats and torture. Citizens were terrified of the group, calling them the “secret police.”

Despite his young age, Yuri excels at his job. His own colleagues, much older than him, attest to this. The boss of SSS brought him in because of his cute face and puppy-like personality. More importantly, Yuri knows how to get the job done indiscriminately.

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In the animation, we first see Yuri at work when SSS brings a guy from the finance department where Yor works day to day to their headquarters, suspected of being a spy. The man is beaten for information, and Yuri continues in his own unique way. Yuri’s strategy is to interrogate well until the interrogator doesn’t cooperate. That’s when Yuri turned violent like the rest of the SSS.

Yuri knew about Agent Twilight. He knew he was a master of disguise, and he was from the West. According to Yuri, the order of the nation hangs in the hands of Twilight. Naturally, this makes Twilight an enemy of SSS. Considering the SSS’ worst enemy is closer than Yuri imagined, this exciting information sets an interesting premise for Yuri and Twilight’s future adventures.

Yuri’s loyalty to Joel

Yuri’s protection of Joel is incredible considering their turbulent childhood. This is evident in the anime episode where he first meets “Loid”. Yuri wonders why Yor has been hiding from her husband for so long, leaving to assume the worst of him. He wonders if the reason for the secrecy is because he’s a little guy who doesn’t deserve Yor. He entered the evening with preconceived notions of the mysterious man of the covenant and continued to exist throughout the session.

Yuri showed up at Forger’s home with a large bouquet of roses, a strange choice for a brother to give his sister a large bouquet of the world’s most romantic flowers. While Yuri put on a cheerful face for Lloyd, he was judging him inwardly—severely. Loid isn’t the only one who pretends to be Yuri because he doesn’t tell Yuri his real occupation. He even wonders if he’s acting hostile because the interrogation at her job has made him so angry.

It’s clear that Yuri cares a lot about Joel. When Yuri asked her why she didn’t let him marry, her simple answer was that she forgot. Terrified, Twilight is shocked, and Yuri believes her. Even more so when she told him she forgot she forgot to tell him on the phone in the second episode. Yuri will obviously let anything slide down with his sister. When it comes to Yuri and Joel, all reasoning is gone.

Yuri is also very jealous of Loid. He couldn’t stand another man taking his sister’s love because that man used to be him. Loid throws the perfect dinner party for him and Yuri gets mad at little things like Loid serving food during their conversation. His questioning of their relationship turned into interrogation, which turned his jealousy into suspicion that this marriage seemed a little different.

Even when he was tricked into thinking it was a normal marriage, Yuri still protected Joel as usual. He wants Joo’s husband to take care of her as he has done all these years. Yuri is a very family caring person and anyone who threatens that perception is not in his good book. The SSS agent on him is wary of the situation, but as a brother, all he wants is his sister’s happiness, despite his ingrained sister complex.

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