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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a beautifully crafted open-world RPG, but as this player discovered, that doesn’t stop it from being riddled with holes.

Released in 2011, assuming many skyrim Players are ready for the next installment in the epic RPG series.However, as Bethesda focuses on completing starry skya new entry The Elder Scrolls Maybe in a few years. However, TES5 Fans still get a lot out of this game, and while most of that involves making new mods or making real-world equivalents of in-game assets, sometimes it involves showing off some of the game’s funniest glitches.

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At least, that’s what Reddit user Aldipxp did.for the benefit of others skyrim Fans, this player uploaded a screenshot of their game showing a rather unusual image. Inside Whiterun, above what appears to be Belethor’s grocery store, stands Nazeem. We don’t know much about this scene. This is obviously another instance of error, but some people in the comments created a mini backstory saying that this NPC has had enough of all the hatred he’s been receiving over the years.

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Nazim is one of them skyrimMost hated character, probably more hated than someone like Cicero or Hemsk. The general disdain for Nazeem stems from the fact that he has a very famous catchphrase that has almost angered players since the game came out more than a decade ago. When approached, the Whiterun resident usually asks the Dragonborn if they frequent the Cloud District. Without even waiting for a response, Nazim would say, almost sarcastically, “Oh, what I’m talking about. Of course you don’t know.” So many fans have personally attacked this elitist attitude, and his death was often The result of this sarcastic comment.

While this may seem like a harmless glitch, since Nazeem isn’t a key character in the game, aside from all the hatred he gets, it’s another example of how many problems this RPG seems to be plagued by.even the anniversary edition skyrim There are game-breaking bugs. While the worst bugs can cause problems for players, hinder progress, or just ruin immersion, such glitches have become almost part of the game’s charm over the years.

Overall, Bethesda’s open-world epic has had a major impact on the gaming world, so much so that skyrim Easter eggs found in cat game wandering. Given how long the game has been over, many are now looking forward to . The Elder Scrolls 6. Whether it will contain as many interesting bugs as this entry cannot be determined at this stage.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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