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A new Skyrim mod inspired by the Stone Mask from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure turns the Dragon Priest Mask into a cursed JJBA RPG. An overhaul of the RPG game system transforms the mask from simple equippable armor into a powerful and dangerous artifact that binds the wearer and imbues them with the spirit of the Dragon Priest itself.

This Dragon Priest’s Curse Mod Creator Grasscid drew inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures in the popular manga and anime series — particularly the Stone Mask that appeared in the first two installments. Just like JJBA’s masks, these new Skyrim masks cannot simply be equipped from your inventory. Instead, once activated, the mask forcibly ties itself to your face, “letting the Dragon Priest possess and reshape your flesh entirely for himself.”

The longer the mask is worn, the more powerful it becomes – up to 4 times its base potency and, in some cases, additional effects. For example, Volsung’s mask gives you extra weight, cheaper store prices and water breathing, and also adds the ability to walk on water from the third growth stage. Hevnoraak’s mask makes the wearer immune to all forms of disease and poison, and as it becomes more powerful, it also increases the effectiveness of your armor.

It’s not all fun and gameplay, however – the mod description warns that if left unchecked, the Dragon Priest’s influence could end up “leaving you a soulless husk, and if you let the mask (and by extension, the Dragon Priest) ) also grows powerful.” Once the mask reaches its most powerful form, the mask’s corresponding priest will occasionally take over your body completely – making you an invisible soul.

In this state, you must face fully empowered demon priests – yes, they are now a fully fledged demon – to restore your flesh in battle. If that sounds too intimidating, you can try to preemptively grab the mask from your face, but it’s not an easy process; after all, you do have this thing permanently attached to your head. So to get rid of it requires an exorcism using an unbinding spell – this forces the ghostly demon priests to be banished from your life, at which point they must be defeated (though hopefully their energy levels are low) to the level they could have otherwise achieved).

Once it’s over, it’s not all fun and games either. Even successfully removing the mask (and frankly, removing the mask feels too light for what we’ve just described, but you know what we mean) will leave you with a reduction that reflects the bounties bestowed on you by the cursed artifact before. beneficial. After all, that power ultimately comes at a price, and using these dangerous relics can take a toll on your life force.

It’s a fantastic system of risk and reward, underscoring the voracious lust for power shown by the likes of JJBA’s Dio Brando – who harnesses the power of the stone mask in JoJo’s bizarre adventure. We certainly know how tempting the ever-increasing bit of power can be, but be careful how deep you go…

If you aspire to be stronger, a Skyrim mod can turn you into a dragon. Another Skyrim mod that turns Winterhold Academy into a real school if you’d rather go for what you’re capable of. If you’re looking for a safer way to gain unlimited power, our list of Skyrim console commands and cheats should let you do whatever you want in an open world game – remember, great power comes with a huge responsibility.

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