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Shazam! Wrath of the Gods star Zachary Levi has revealed that he once had to go to the emergency room for an accident involving the Nintendo Wii.

Back in the mid-2000s, Zachary Levi was better known as an actor for his role on the NBC series Chuck. In 2019, he became a movie superstar with his roles in DC superhero movies Shazam! the sequel to the film, Shazam!Wrath of the Gods It’s currently slated for release later this year, a bump from the original 2023 release date. Before all this happened, the actor had an incredibly serious accident involving the Nintendo Wii.

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The Nintendo Wii was originally released in 2006 and became one of the best-selling video game systems of all time. The company went on to sell more than 101 million units during its production cycle, making it the company’s best-selling non-handheld console at the time. Part of the Wii’s appeal is the use of motion control technology.This gives gamers an extra level of immersion, and for a game like this Wii Sports, making them further feel like they are playing sports in their own home. Unfortunately, because of the motion control, sometimes very serious accidents happen, like Zachary Levi did.

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In a recent interview with IMDB, Levi revealed how an accident involving the Wii took him to the hospital. In the past, the actor has expressed his love for video games, and Reeves was the host of the Video Game Awards.The system just came out, and Levi’s played in the middle of the night Wii TennisUnfortunately, during one of the games, he raised his hand too high and too hard, shattered a light fixture, and ended up in the emergency room. Due to the accident, he ended up needing 14 stitches.

Shazam!Wrath of the Gods It’s a somewhat bumpy movie. Like many other films, the upcoming Zachary Levi film had to delay its production due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic. The release date was moved around several times, the last time the sequel was delayed to avoid a release on the same day. Avatar: The Way of Water.

The Wii was officially discontinued in October 2013. Its successor, the Wii U, had been released the previous year but failed to achieve the same huge success as its predecessor. Production of the Wii U ended in 2017 as the company paved the way for its latest system, the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch continues to beat the Wii in hardware sales.hope Shazam! Stars can avoid any surprises with Nintendo’s latest best-selling system.

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