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Season 7 of Sea of ​​Thieves is finally coming to PC and Xbox, bringing a variety of new features, including captains, sovereignty, and a new progression system called milestones. The latter addition is a quest group that aspiring pirates can complete in order to unlock new cosmetic items for their shiny new ship. However, many in the community were unhappy with the new system, accusing it of being “dirty” and “boring”.

On the r/Seaofthieves subreddit, some players created threads to express their dissatisfaction with the milestone and how it was implemented. a common thread Annoyingly, any contributions made to the total prior to the Season 7 Update (such as the number of kills or the amount earned from certain types of missions) will not count towards milestone progress.others, such as users Rickdy and KoendertNL questioned the content of achievements, arguing that getting a reward for spending 100 hours in fire or sleep would prevent players from actually…playing the game.

Another common criticism was that Rare “completely ignored[ing]”PvP elements of Sea of ​​Thieves, As claimed by user boyawsome876Between the apparent absence of milestones related to other players dying and ships sinking, many players felt Rare was trying to undersell PvP, a key element of the game for some. However, given the recent balance update for PvP in Sea of ​​Thieves, it’s hard to say Rare isn’t interested at all.

All in all, while some may be disappointed, it’s understandable “Absolutely unreasonable” Milestones, and it’s clear that Rare intends to use them as a long-term addition to the game. While some might find it terrible or unsatisfactory, it’s a system designed to prolong the life of the game, as those milestone numbers slowly but surely tick upwards satisfactorily. The PvP tweaks — and the apparent lack of PvP-focused milestone alignment — appear to be aimed at creating a better environment for new players and single-players alike, ensuring their long-term interest in the game.

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