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Looking back at 7 days of news and headlines from the Android world, this week’s Android roundup includes final Galaxy Z Fold leaks, Pixel 7 Pro release date, OnePlus 10T and Black Shark 5 Pro reviews, official Samsung repairs from iFixit, new version of Outlook , and the success of the Galaxy Note series.

Android Circuit is here to remind you of some of the many things that happened around Android last week (you can find the weekly Apple news roundup here).

Samsung’s final Fold leaks

With Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event next week, we’re excited for the final round of leaks and details. For the last round, we have the materials and fast charging details for the phone:

“…The Galaxy Z Fold 4 features Gorilla Glass Victus+ protection on the front (cover display) and back. This new protective panel first appeared on the Galaxy S22. The upcoming foldable phone also appears to have faster charging speed, despite using the same 25W mechanism. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 reportedly takes just 30 minutes to reach 0-50% charge. By comparison, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 reaches 33% in half an hour .

(via Ahmed Quaid) Sam Mobile).

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro release date

Following last year’s rebranding of Pixel phones (and the launch of the Google-designed Tensor Mobile chip), the seventh iteration of the Pixels can be seen as a second album with a lot of difficulty. Here’s an album you’ll have to wait longer to hear as the launch event and release has been pushed back to October:

“According to sources (very reputable sources), both the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be available for pre-order on October 6th – which could mean the event will take place on the same day – and the devices will be officially announced and will be the 10th Going public on the 13th…Google does have a history of moving the date from time to time, but if that happens, we’ll know — you’ll know.”


OnePlus 10T Review

A year later, OnePlus is back on the “T” phone with a new phone in the second half of the year. The OnePlus 10T features the power and performance specs that T marketing is known for. As part of my review of this new phone, I reviewed the history of the T:

“Some smartphones want to cover every base and be the smartphone that ends all smartphones. The OnePlus 10T 5G is not such a phone. It makes some compromises, but these are all about meeting the phone’s goals…providing This has been the implicit target of OnePlus’ “T” models since the OnePlus 3T debuted, and after a few years (as OnePlus grapples with the definition of “Pro”), the 10T has regained its strength in the second half of the year.”


Samsung and iFixit collaborate on replacement parts program

Following the Google Pixel, independent repair service iFixit announced a partnership with Samsung to provide original parts and tools so users can perform some necessary repairs on their phones:

“Starting today, the replacement screen*, rear glass and charging port are available on as individual components or as a repair kit containing all the parts and tools you need to keep your Galaxy in top condition. Genuine parts from our collection Keep expanding, and of course our repair guides as well: every new part comes with a comprehensive guide to help you with the latest Galaxy repair… Originally, these Samsung Galaxy original parts were only available in the US – but we More equipment and additional integrated components are being worked on.”

(i fix it).

Review the subtle Black Shark 5 Pro

Gaming smartphones sometimes come with a variety of accessories, add-ons, and advanced ideas that feel futuristic and beyond smartphone standards. They sometimes look like regular smartphones until you start playing Genshin Impact. I’ve reviewed the Black Shark 5 Pro and the latter is correct:

“I think what’s interesting about the Black Shark 5 Pro is that while it’s a gaming phone, it’s not crazy about gaming. Rather, it’s a sensible high-end phone that’s optimized for gaming, rather than going all-in on gaming. A gaming phone that goes and sacrifices functionality instead of being 100% focused on gaming.”


Outlook Open Lite

Microsoft may not have taken over the mobile OS market with Windows Phone, but it has adapted its software to sit on top of both Android and iOS. This makes it easy to access for those using its cloud-based service no matter what mobile device they use.This coverage expands again as the mobile team further releases a “lite” version of Outlook for mobile phones in the portfolio

“Knowing this, Microsoft announced a new version of Outlook designed for low-end devices, called ‘Outlook Lite’. This application works in much the same way as the full version, letting users use the same basic calendar and email as Outlook Functionality. The main difference here is that the app itself is only 5 MB in size and optimized “for devices with as little as 1 GB of memory. The new Outlook Lite will work on almost any phone without compromising performance or battery life. “

(Microsoft Blog pass 9to5Google).

at last…

A year after confirming the cancellation of the Galaxy Note series, Mi Haimatai reflects on the rise, innovation, and decline of phablets; and how the Note’s demise led to the Ultra’s success:

“For better or worse, the Galaxy Note series and accompanying S Pen have always been surrounded by an air of exclusivity. That’s holding back sales figures, and the lineup seems to have hit a hard cap. But the Galaxy S22 Ultra seems to have lived up to its promise. The goal. It brought the Galaxy Note formula and the S Pen to the masses, and now, the S Pen is free of those imagined barriers.

(Sam Mobile).

Android Circuit rounds up news from the Android world every weekend on Forbes. Don’t forget to follow me so you don’t miss any future coverage, and of course the Apple Loop sister column! Last week’s Android Tour can be found here, if you have any news and links you’d like to see on the Android Tour, please get in touch!

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