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We can’t tell for sure whether this backstreet boy meets ace lawyer combination is brilliant or terrible. We think it’s both, but we also admire the musical skills it takes to think “you know what’s going to go well together? Boy bands and old DS games about the legal system.” It’s like being the first to discover that chocolate and chips are a great combination, even if everyone says they’re crazy.

By combining Maya’s theme with the classic ’90s hit I Want It That Way, and then having four boys — Phoenix, Edgeworth, Apollo and Klavier Gavin — as the band, Chessete has created a masterpiece. It’s also not the first time they’ve done this very specific mashup – check out this silly punk:

Oddly enough, we’ve been listening to a lot of ace lawyer-themed music lately, and who can blame us? This is great music.Have This Sexy Bugle Version Has a Mayan Theme by Dewey Newtalthough it does not include the music from “Ace Attorney”, Michael Jackson’s “Rogue Criminal” as the framework for the Edgeworth-v-Wright trial is Very OK – note Miles on the drums:

Which songs do you think would go well with Ace Attorney’s music? We’re thinking about cornering + I shot the sheriff, maybe. Phoenix can defend all song crimes!

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