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Mario's Nipples
Image: Nintendo

Surprisingly, Mario’s nipples are a hotly debated topic. Every year, Nintendo releases beautiful summer renderings of our plumber boy on the beach, and this year was no exception. But when Mario is at the beach and not at work, he swaps out his overalls for his swimming trunks – meaning it’s the only time we’ve seen him topless.

In 2020, Nintendo decided (for whatever reason) to cut out poor Mario’s nips, presumably out of some Nintendo-esque need to protect kids from the fear of thinking Mario is a mammal. Not to be outdone, the internet thought it was weirder than having Mario with nipples in the first place, so in 2021, Nintendo put them back where they belonged.

We know that all summer, you’ve probably been wondering if Mario has nipples or no nipples this year. It’s a bit like the color of the smoke waiting to see if a new pope is announced. So we’re happy to tell you that Mario still holds his own in 2022:

However, the tweet contains a typo (“you” instead of “your”), so it may be deleted. Here are the images so you can always admire our favorite plumbers with breasts:

Mario surf summer photo (with nipples)
They are there. They’re small, but they’re there— picture: Nintendo

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