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The reigning Super Bowl champ might have a problem. Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford Having been dealing with elbow pain in his throwing arm, coach Sean McVeigh called the quarterback “abnormal.”

Stafford’s elbow plagued him last season and required an injection after the Super Bowl. For precautionary reasons, the 34-year-old didn’t pitch in the Rams’ spring training. McVeigh added that the problem usually arises with MLB pitchers, not one he has dealt with as a coach.

Stafford did throw in a 7-on-7 practice Thursday, but didn’t play any team reps, again considering his sore elbow. Given the discomfort, McVeigh doesn’t think Stafford will be in full force when training camp ends on Aug. 10.

McVeigh told reporters that the Rams’ training staff “tried a few things in the offseason” to ease Stafford’s pain, but knew they would take an “improved approach and a gradual approach to his recovery during training camp.” training”.

“Can he do it? Yes,” McVeigh said. “Is it the best thing? We don’t think so. And I think it’s my responsibility to use the medical experts and talk to Matthew to make the most appropriate decision. So all of these things add up to the ‘we’re in right now’ s position. It’s an evolving process, but we’ll really take over the next few weeks and see how they develop. “

McVeigh made it clear that the Rams’ main goal in the process is to get Stafford ready for the season opener.

“[You] Wanted to try to get him to operate with as little pain as possible,” McVeigh said. “I think any time you fight for so long and be as tough as him, I don’t know if you’re really in pain — free, but the goal is On September 8th, and really looking forward to 17 games, if we can get that chance, hopefully some more games after that.

“That’s one point of view and the big picture that we want to be able to take. I don’t know if it wasn’t for the experience he’s accumulated and knowing how deliberate he was, I’d feel comfortable taking that approach and he’s trying to keep up with his spirit. And the speed of physical work, which he can do without something in a team environment.”

Despite an elbow injury last season, Stafford played for 4,886 yards per game, completing 67.2 percent of his passes, 41 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. He then led the game to victory in three straight playoff games, winning the Super Bowl along the way.

McVeigh said Stafford “looked really good” after Thursday’s practice.

“Even in the air route, in the type of throw where you actually see all parts of the field activated, that’s a really good thing,” McVeigh said. “So I do see improvement. He’s done this type of throw before, but being able to do it in a smart way is what we’re really looking for.”

The Rams play their first preseason game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Aug. 13.

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