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at this time, Bethesda There’s been a ton of exciting future releases already available, and fans of the studio and its franchises will be delighted to learn more.At the very top of this list is definitely starry sky itself, but Arkane Studios’ own redfield It’s close behind, not to mention the publisher’s numerous other development studios that haven’t fully showcased their projects.

While Bethesda is expected to make a big splash for its annual QuakeCon festivities, the publisher just revealed an official schedule for this year earthquake– Themed game convention, and it seems pretty low key. That said, some of its most important titles are completely lost, replaced by less prominent events.

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Bethesda’s 2022 plans are unbelievable at the beginning of the year, if only because starry sky Should have come out.However, the studio’s flagship role-playing game was subsequently delayed, while the vampire slaying immersive sim red fall suffered a similar fate. That puts Bethesda in a precarious position, although QuakeCon 2022 is still expected to showcase both titles in some capacity. starry skyHowever, the schedule is now completely non-existent, and red fall There are also no plans for a major showcase.

Outstanding work by the team behind shame and infinite loopArkane Studios Curious FPS red fall From the looks of it, QuakeCon 2022 only got a 30-minute demo at the start. Instead of discussing the two major future releases, Bethesda appears to be using this year’s QuakeCon to host a showcase of future content from existing games. Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls Online This time seems to be the biggest feature.

Of course, the community has a lot of burning questions about Bethesda starry sky at this time.While a lot has been known about the game, it’s still an unprecedented version in modern times, as Bethesda previously focused on fall out and This The Elder Scrolls Drive production plans at its core studios. In contrast, starry sky is brand new, and the fanbase will be delighted to learn more about how its gaming systems come together in practice.

Whatever the case may be, it seems unlikely that QuakeCon 2022 will provide any earth-shattering information about either. starry sky or red fall. Still, Bethesda fans can look forward to a bunch of content related to its previous releases, such as Tokyo Ghost LineNeedless to say it’s too early Fallout 5 Get any meaningful time in the spotlight anyway.

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