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When you hear the name Krafton, you probably first think of the battle royale blockbuster PUBG Battlegrounds. The game’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed crossover isn’t the only fantasy creation in the studio’s work. Krafton has revealed its next project, which is based on the classic fantasy novel series.

Crafton’s new game doesn’t have a name yet, but we know it’s based on the best-selling Korean fantasy novel series bird drinking tears, by Li Yingdao. While the genre of the game wasn’t announced either, it’s likely to be an RPG, as that’s a common approach to this type of novel.

what Have What was revealed was a whole lot of concept art.This The official website of the unnamed project A full party of future games is shown. We see a human, a tokebe, a raken, and a naga—four races that readers of the novel should be familiar with. Their names should also be familiar: Kagan Draca is the human ranger, Henby the goblin Tokebi is the comedian, Tynahan the chicken-like Rekkon is the slugger, and Ryn Paye the pale Nhaga is the magician.

Image via Kafton

Other concept art shows Ryn’s sister Amo, many gorgeous environments, and even a world map.All of these artworks were created under the supervision of Design Director Iain McCaig, who star wars, Harry Potterand The Avengers Movie. “bird drinking tears Unlike any other fantasy story I’ve read,” McCaig said. “It’s an epic epic. Lord of the Rings or duneThe fantasy world is fresh and visceral, mixing traditional archetypes with completely original imagery of dreams and nightmares. “It’s highly praised, to be sure.

Although we’ve only seen concept art so far, we’re excited for this future project. All we know seems to be a good start.what are we going to do do not At this point, knowing the game could fill a book. Genres, release dates, platforms, and even game titles are all up in the air right now.

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