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POST VOID has finally set a release date. The game is the second title on Super Rare’s new release label, after Fighting Dog earlier this year.

In this vibrant, bloody first-person shooter, DOOM’s inspiration is as clear as its love of color, and like DOOM, POST VOID is all about completing procedurally-generated levels in a quick and violent way.

no life, no retries, no repeats – Increase your kill count to keep your idols healthy no matter what you do, do not stop. Slowing down is game over. Find the oasis at the end of each level, choose your random upgrade, and dive into the chaos. Every run of POST VOID is different due to procedurally generated levels, so the only option really is to…get better. “

POST VOID will hit the Nintendo eShop, PS4 and PS5 on September 29th.

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