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The only other members of the very exclusive club are Nidoqueen and Nidoking.

Earlier this week, a Pokemon Presents revealed more details about Scarlet & Violet, the next game in the main game series coming out this November. Among these new details is the first look at Paldean Wooper, the regional variant of the second-generation Pokemon that will mark the first time in 25 years for the series.

as emphasized game radar when discovered Scarlet and Violet website, Paldean Wooper is a poisonous type. It’s not particularly noteworthy until you go back and realize that the last time Pokemon introduced the Poisonland type to its roster was in the original 150 monsters. The new Wooper will join an incredible short list of Nidoqueen, Nidoking and, until now, no other Pokemon.

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Already special, digging deeper into the rest of the Paldean Wooper makes it even more so. New Pokemon will know to absorb water. Since the poison type is weak against water, using water absorption means that Wooper will be able to heal himself instead of taking double damage. Over three months on, the little Pokemon has proven it could be a pretty strong part of quite a few lineups.

As for The Pokemon Company’s inspiration for the Paledean Wooper, as you can see in the Reddit post above, it appears to be inspired by real-life creatures. Iberian rib salamander. Not only is this amphibian native to the region where the scarlet and violet are based, it is also venomous, matching Wupper’s type of poison, and can stretch out its ribs to attack prey. Notice the rib pattern on Paledean Wooper’s body and the bones on his head.

As you may have already gathered, it was also revealed this week that the new area of ​​Scarlet & Violet will be called Paldea. Pokemon fans also got their first look at some of the game’s legendaries, which look like motorcycles and can be ridden from the start. Fidough, a dog Pokemon made of bread, was also introduced, but if Pokemon were to fly into the real world, his soft physique wouldn’t be as cute as you might think.

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