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There’s no official reveal of the new shiny variants of Pokemon Crimson and Violet, and one fan shows what they think the rare creatures look like

new information about pokemon scarlet and Purple The game has been releasing steadily since its debut earlier this year.Officially watched it three times pokemon scarlet and Purple As of this writing, everyone digs into more details on the latest mainline game in the wildly popular franchise.So far, fans have seen the new Paldea region, characters that will be added to the story, and of course, new Pokemon pokemon scarlet and Purple.

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something not yet shown pokemon scarlet and Purple It’s what shiny Pokemon looks like in-game, which has led fans to create their own versions of the rare creature. For starters, Shiny Pokemon have a different design than regular Pokemon, and they appear much less often, although this has changed in recent games.For example, it’s easier to do shiny hunting in titles like this Pokemon Legend: Arceus Because Pokemon can be seen in the overworld, not just when the player walks into tall grass.

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a lot of Pokemon Players love the shiny variants of Pokemon, and many add a rare Pokemon to their team as a badge of honor to show how hard they went to get it. pokemon scarlet and Purple There will be their own version of the new Shiny Pokemon, but one fan on Reddit can’t wait for the games to release in November.Instead, user Immediate-Comb1755 has designed their own shiny variants of Cetitan, Fidough and Paldean Wooper, all new Pokemon introduced in the latest trailer scarlet and Purple.

Cetitan, a new ice-type Pokemon, has an interesting new shiny design. Its usual appearance is mostly white, with a little grey around the mouth and belly, and pink spots on the hands and tail. The fan-made shiny variant swaps Cetitan’s white for black, with red on the eyes and hands to make it look even more intimidating. The grey around its belly has also been swapped out for steel or silver. Fidough’s design retains the cuteness of the dough and dog combo, but trades the Pokemon’s yellow for a pink makeover.

Paldean Wooper is probably the most unique fan-made shiny design, as it makes the new version of Gen 2 Pokemon look remarkably similar to its past incarnations.exist pokemon scarlet and Purple Paldean Wooper swaps the traditional blue for brown to symbolize its new life on land. However, the Immediate-Comb1755’s design brought the Wooper back to its original color, much to the delight of some of the nostalgic fans in the review.

pokemon scarlet and Purple The Nintendo Switch will be released on November 18th.

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