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The official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet artwork lets players see the full Paldea region map they can explore later this year.

pokemon scarlet and violet Fans have been waiting for a long time to learn more about the new area they will be exploring in the upcoming game.Fortunately, the latest pokemon scarlet and violet The trailer gave some answers, confirmed the name of the new region, and gave fans a glimpse of some of its featured areas.

Shortly after posting the latest news pokemon scarlet and violet In the trailer, The Pokemon Company released a detailed map of the Padia region.However Pokémon Sword and ShieldThe Galar region is more vertical in design, the Paldea region is pokemon scarlet and violet is round. It looks like it will feature a variety of biomes, including desert areas, lots of grass, hills, seaside harbors, snowy mountain tops, lakes, and more.

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One of the most striking features pokemon scarlet and violet The Paldea area map is a giant vortex in its center. This area appears to be significant to the story, although details of exactly what it is and what it entails haven’t been revealed.More information about this particular area may not be revealed until players have had a chance to play through pokemon scarlet and violetown story.

Pokemon Crimson and Violet Padia Region Map

except to show off pokemon scarlet and violetThe game’s latest trailer also revealed that the game’s Paldea region will actually have three different storylines for players to complete.One of these storylines is traditional Pokemon The game story of conquering eight different gym leaders and becoming the champion of the region. The other two stories are not detailed, but one will likely take players to the center of the Paldea region map to figure out what this giant vortex is and what it might mean for the game world.

It is also worth remembering that pokemon scarlet and violet is an open world experience, which means players are free to go wherever they want once they start their adventure.this might be pokemon scarlet and violet Players can go straight to the whirlpool in the center of the map in the Paldea area, but it’s also possible that the area will be blocked until certain story requirements are met. Fans will have to wait for more information to be sure.

According to the official map artwork, pokemon scarlet and violetThe Paldea area looks quite large, and it will be interesting to see how big it is once players are able to explore it for themselves later this year.

pokemon scarlet and violet Released on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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