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there are already many Pokémon Some of them have faded out of the background over the years.But today, fans are basking in nostalgia for the Forsaken Pokémon A game launched 17 years ago today.

August 4, 2005 Pokémon XD: Winds of Darkness Launched as the next spin-off for the Nintendo GameCube. The game set in the Orre region introduced Shadow Pokémon, including its featured legendary Shadow Lugia, which has not been featured in any games since.

like Pokémon Colosseum forward, winds of darkness A slight modification to the typical Pokémon Double combat with playstyle and standout features. Set in the Orre region, you won’t be able to choose your starter, instead, you’ll receive Eevee with the opportunity to evolve it later in the game to your liking. The game includes Pokémon from the first three generations.

to celebrate this day, Fans went to Reddit Share their thoughts and experiences with this classic game.

Since its release, The Pokémon Company has largely Pokémon Although the GameCube is part of the fan community’s favorite. Unlike other classic GameCube games, winds of darkness It hasn’t been available on any other console since its original release.

While it seems unlikely we’ll get another game in the Orre region, maybe we could see a sequel to this game in the future.The Pokémon Company seemed open to this in the past, bringing back Pokémon Snapshot A sequel more than 20 years after its initial release.

Of course, most likely this is not the case winds of darknessbut as the game’s following in the fan base continues to grow, Pokémon Fans should remain optimistic.

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