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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet seem to have gotten rid of some of the quality of life improvements in Legends: Arceus, including watching your XP rise outside of combat.

Earlier this week, The Pokemon Company showed us Scarlet and Violet gameplay, introducing the Paldea region and a host of new Pokemon. While the reaction to most of what was shown was positive (I mean, have you seen Fidough?), some Pokemon fans were not happy to see Scarlet & Violet not bringing some of the life introduced in the saga Quality features: Arceus.

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Twitter account CentroLeaks shared images of two examples Improvements made in Legend: Arceus are gone in Scarlet and Violet. The first example is that players now have to watch the experience animation at the end of the match, instead of happening in real time and not interrupting the player.

The second example is that the player will also be interrupted and have to sit while the Pokemon wants to learn new moves at the end of the battle. Both of these were changed in Legends: Arceus to no longer interrupt players, which is a welcome change considering how often Pokemon evolve and gain experience.

However, these aren’t the only features that have been removed. As pointed out by ResetEra user Personablue, there are many smaller things that don’t seem to return. An example of this is when players cannot select their Pokemon or attempt to capture Pokemon prior to combat, and must encounter ‘Mon to begin combat. Finally, the combat speed seems to have slowed back to Sword and Shield, with more walls of text appearing in combat for status effects.

It’s a shame to remove some of these features, considering how well they were received in Legend: Arceus, but it might be an attempt to separate the two playstyles from each other. Not all quality of life improvements apply to classic Pokemon, such as being able to throw a Pokeball before fighting a Pokemon.

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