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A Pennsylvania Pride event teaching kids how to pole dance has reportedly won a $10,000 grant backed by the administration of Governor Tom Wolf (D).

The viral video, posted by TikTok’s Libs, depicts a shirtless man instructing a child in a rainbow skirt and headband – who appears to be a boy. The child, comforted by bystanders, climbed onto the pole and turned, winning cheers.

“Central PA Pride set a pole, helped by an amazing coach,” the caption read. “My child was born!”

Notably, the state’s Democratic Governor Tom Wolf Announce Last month, the recipient of the PA Pride Community Grants program, which “supports Pride festivals and events across the Commonwealth through September 2022.”

There were 17 winners, including the Central PA Pride festival where the video is believed to take place. Specifically, Pennsylvania Central Pride received $10,000 from a grant program championed by Democratic governors.

“The PA Pride Community Grants Program reaffirms our commitment to bringing awareness to the LGBTQ+ community and creating a more inclusive Commonwealth,” said Carrie Fischer Lepore, Under Secretary for Marketing, Tourism and Film, Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) In a statement at the time, it called the incidents – one of which appeared to teach children to pole dance – “uplifting.”

“Uplifting events and festivals celebrating belonging, accessibility and inclusion send a message that all people are welcome to pursue their own well-being in Pennsylvania,” she added.

wolf too wrote a letter, especially Expressing support for Central Pennsylvania Pride as a time to “promote self-affirmation, dignity, and equality, and minimize community.”

“As Governor, and on behalf of all the citizens of Pennsylvania, I am honored to support the 30th anniversary of Central Pennsylvania Pride,” he wrote.

“Please accept my best wishes for an unforgettable event and continued success,” he added:

The video has reportedly been removed from TikTok, but Fox News also report “The hashtag on the post appears to coincide with the Central Pennsylvania Pride Festival in Harrisburg over the weekend.”

The viral video comes after a disturbing trend across the country.

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