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But what about escalators? !

Nintendo slyly updated Mario Kart 8’s coconut mall to have the shy guy slam into other players at the end of the course.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s ​​Booster Course Pass has added many new tracks over the past few months, including some from the Tour like Paris Promenade, and other more classic ones like Waluigi Pinball from Mario Kart DS. A track from Mario Kart Wii and brought to Mario Kart 8 is the popular Coconut Mall, which was added as part of Deluxe’s ​​first wave of DLC tracks. Despite its popularity, many Mario Kart fans have questions about how the course will be updated.

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The first big problem is that the escalators in the mall have been replaced by giant glowing arrows showing the direction they are going. Another problem was that the Miis driving at the end of the course was replaced by Shy Guys who no longer moved in their car and didn’t feel like an obstacle at all. While the escalator issue seems to be persistent, the shy guys have seen a little buff in the latest update.

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After revealing the second wave of courses as part of the Booster Course Pass, Nintendo shared a video of the Coconut Mall saying “In the meantime, there’s an update to the Coconut Mall…”. Short video shows a shy guy at the end of the class Speed ​​up their engines and spin the tail over the other drivers, making it more of a barrier than a wall like it used to be.

Updated patch notes specifically highlight changes, saying, “The car the shy guy took in the Wii Coconut Mall now moves from time to time in all modes except Time Trial Mode”. While the escalators aren’t quite fixed yet, a very interesting move from Nintendo is not just getting the shy guys moving, but letting them completely wipe out any drivers who get in their way. Fair play, Nintendo.

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