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A new app in the Apple iOS store allows players to save their stats in a different way than the one offered by The New York Times.

Free browser puzzle game word Even a few months after its release, it’s still very popular.Although it was originally launched as a free-to-play game by indie programmer Josh Wardle, it was later New York Times. Despite fan concerns wordThe acquisition, the game is still free for now, with some minor changes from the previous version.The transition was rather slow as the site just left its old URL just a few months ago and has moved to New York Timesdomain.

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Latest update from New York Times Added a whole new feature word fans, including linking their New York Times accounts between devices. This feature allows gamers to save their achievements, including their winning streaks and stats, no matter what platform they are playing on. Another is that by linking accounts, fans can play the game on all their devices without worrying about losing all their progress if they play on a new device. Not to be outdone, a Wordle fan has released a brand new app that helps preserve player histories in a slightly different way.

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This app, posted to the r/wordle subreddit by user wingfield (real name Evan Davis), links to a new iOS app called Nerdle, not to be confused with the math-based Wordle clone Nerdle, which also happens to be on the iOS app store. According to the developers, this iOS app is a Safari extension that takes players’ daily game data as well as aggregated stats and stores them in the app.

When asked what makes this app work with New York TimesThe app does save the player’s word Statistics, Davis explained, New York Times‘s account will only save aggregated statistics across sessions and devices.Their app will offer many additional features such as preserving past history word Games, advanced stats, and even a feature that allows people to override their own stats and guess distributions.

Photos of the storefront app showcase features such as how a player’s raw data history is imported, and the way it displays a player’s previous guesses about past games.According to the App Store description, although it is a Safari extension, this one is useful word This tool can only be used after downloading the application. Thankfully, the app also features a helpful tutorial that can help players find their stats and adjust their game state any way they like.

word Now accessible via PC or mobile browser.

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