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Arizona voters turned out a new record in the Republican primary on Tuesday, according to local analysts.

On Wednesday night, ABC 15 reporter Garrett Archer tweeted: “Given the total Republican votes, combined with the remaining votes, it is now almost certain that the Republicans will break the primary turnout. record of.”

According to the Associated Press election results, as of 8:15 p.m. ET Thursday, Republicans had 157,753 more votes than Democrats. compile Depend on New York Times. So far, 660,735 Arizonans have been counted against Republicans, and 17% of the vote is still out, meaning that number will grow significantly.Instead, the Democratic gubernatorial primary 502,982but considering that 19% of the votes have not yet been tabulated, that number will rise.

The Republican gubernatorial nominee is headlined by former Fox 10 Phoenix anchor Kari Lake, backed by former Presidents Donald J. Trump and Karrin Taylor Robson. Lake led by more than 12,000 votes. While mainstream media and publications have yet to announce a winner in the contest, Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report noted Wednesday morning that it looks like Lake will stay in the driver’s seat and eventually be nominated.

In addition to three other Republican candidates, the couple has outpaced Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and two other Republican candidates combine The 2018 vote total was 655,538, with nearly 5,197 votes cast, with only 83% reporting in the 2022 primary. By contrast, Democrats have yet to surpass the 2018 total of 505,481 votes, with 19 percent of the votes still uncounted. What’s more, Republicans have outscored Democrats by 7,696 votes overall. 150,057 The 2018 gubernatorial primaries were narrow.

Of the 2,022 gubernatorial primary voters who voted for candidates from both major parties, 57% so far went to Republicans, a one-point increase from 2018. The year after the Republican candidate won 56 percent of the vote in the primary, Ducey rallied on election night with 56 percent of the vote. Considering the percentage of Republican primary voters translates to the same percentage of Republican voters in the general election, this is promising news for Republicans in November’s upcoming election, and could be a harbinger of what’s to come.

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