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NBA 2K23 is just around the corner, which means we’re about to introduce a brand new badge system. While we can’t yet provide a full list of NBA 2K23 badge tiers — we need to play the game for that — we already know the full list of new badges, and which ones have been removed or merged into existing ones for this year’s games middle. NBA 2K23 introduces a completely overhauled badge system, splitting badges into tiers and giving all players some additional badge slots. The team at Visual Concepts also consolidated or removed some badges outright based on telemetry data that helped pinpoint which badges were heavily used and which were not at all.

In this guide to NBA 2K23 badges, we’ll share a full list of the new badges, and note some badge changes and which ones will disappear when the game launches on September 8. We’ll update this guide to reflect the full list of badges and categorize them to help you build your own virtual athlete.

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List of NBA 2K23 Badges

The customizable MyPlayer system in NBA 2K is probably more suited to annual sweepstakes than any other sports sim than MyTeam or season modes. Custom players come with badges that grant players skills in different areas of the game, such as shooting and defense. This year’s game — only on the next-gen version — reimagines the badge system you’re probably used to as a three-tier system, with Tier 1 badges costing the least, but also offering the smallest boost. From there, each layer becomes more powerful and expensive. Visual Concepts says the idea behind this new system is that “you need to equip a certain number of badges at lower tiers before you can equip badges at the highest tiers.”

This is to give players tougher choices when deciding which badges to equip, bringing more balance to game modes where many custom players interact together, such as in the game’s social hub city.

In addition to rank, there are new “core” badge slots that allow you to insert a badge for each skill area: Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding. Core Badges do not count towards your total Badge Points, but can only be placed in the Core Badge slot after completing the associated challenge.

With that in mind, here’s a full list of 20 new badges, changed badges, and 12 badges that will be removed entirely in 2023.


  • Slithery – easier to gather in traffic, avoid collisions and peels
  • Masher – Improves ability to score layups on defenders
  • Bully – Like Giannis and LeBron, able to finish strong by bulldozing in traffic

Removed: Hook Expert


  • Agent 3 – Able to hit difficult 3PT shots off the dribble
  • Sailor Magician – Improved ability to shoot mid-range jumpers like MJ
  • Amped – Reduced shooting attribute penalty when fatigued and excessively moving before shooting
  • Claymore – Improves spot-up shooters’ ability to shoot after a knockout catch, the longer they stay still before shooting
  • Comeback Kid – Improved ability to shoot when trailing in the game
  • Hand Down Man Down – Makes perimeter shooters more deadly if the opponent doesn’t have their hands on their faces
  • Space Creator – Formerly a Playmaking badge, now improves stepback and jump shots, and also causes defenders to trip more often
  • Unlimited Range – An old favorite returns, making the shooter more effective on any shot attempt within the 3-PT range

Removed: Chef, Hotspot Hunter, Lucky #7, Mismatch Specialist (moved to Game Maker), Combo Shooter, Sniper, and Unlimited Points

game production

  • Killer Combos – Increases dribble efficiency with increased dribble action (combines last year’s Quick Chain and Tight Handles badges)
  • Clamp Breaker – Helps the ball handler win more one-on-one body collisions (Clamps’ Counterattack)
  • Secondary Grip – Improves ball security immediately after rebounding, catching or picking up the ball.
  • Mismatch Expert – Formerly a shooting badge, now this badge helps smaller guards pierce taller defenders during 1-on-1 mismatches

Removed: Bullet Passer, Downhill, Glue Hands, Stop & Go


  • Anchor – A vital badge for a last-line big man, improving his ability to block shots and game shots in the paint
  • Boxout Beast – Helps rebounders win boxing matches with both offensive and defensive rebounding situations
  • Work Horse – Pat Bev badge that improves your ability to dash on a 50/50 ball and play stubborn defenses without getting tired
  • Gloves – Named after legendary linebacker Gary Payton, help you take off players as they gather to shoot and poke the ball away from the ball handler
  • Challenger – Improves the efficiency of the outside shooting game

Removed: Defensive Leader

Although players proficient in NBA 2K can reasonably deduce the full list of badges in 2K23 based on what’s missing from that list: No Announced for removal after last year’s game, we haven’t built such a roster for now, in case the team hasn’t made it to the final tally yet. More changes are likely, but for now, this is all we’ve learned from chatting with the 2K team. You’ll see it all here once we’re able to share the full list of what you’ll find when the game launches on September 8, so bookmark this page when we’re ready to prompt.

For more information on NBA 2K23, check out our feature on major gameplay changes to the game, or check out our NBA 2K23 Ratings Center.

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