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Some MultiVersus players found exploits using the Velma and Jake combo, which gave them an unfair advantage over their opponents.

Since the first fighting game was released, there have been loopholes that can be exploited to gain an advantage, which is not the same as the multidimensional. Some multidimensional Fans noticed a bug that gave players who played Jack and Velma an unfair advantage.

multidimensional is brawler like super smash bros Brings characters from different Warner Bros universes like Jack the Dog adventure time and velma scooby doo. Reddit user FussyOnFire recently posted a snippet of their PvP experience multidimensional The duo of Velma and Jack highlight the unfair advantages the two characters can take advantage of.No current end date multidimensional Betas could herald exploits like Jake and Velma getting fixed before or just in time for the official release.

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FussyOnFire’s multidimensional The clip begins with a 2-on-2 match at Scooby-Doo’s Haunted House, where Velma uses “Spread Knowledge” and Jack transforms into a car with his “That’s Too Heavy, Dude” special to start and quickly become suspicious.Velma walks through Jack’s car, turns to face LeBron James and Wonder Woman multidimensional The duo, and thanks to her initial move’s reduced cooldown benefit, unleash a wave of dialogue bubbles by spamming the flanking attack. This combination of attacks ensures that Jack and Velma keep foes LeBron James and Wonder Woman at bay, inflicting damage to both of them as they approach, and potentially locking the fight into a loop.

There are defenses for this particular exploit, like LeBron James’ special move multidimensional Use his basketball as a projectile or Wonder Woman’s special, Charge of the Warriors. If FussyOnFire’s video is a fight rather than a show of unfair advantage, Wonder Woman’s Down Special Edition also temporarily protects the two characters, which will allow them to close the gap with the two exploiters.other multidimensional The characters that might be able to stop the Jack and Velma combination from going too far are Superman, Tom and Jerry, or Batman.

Although many multidimensional Fans say this Velma and Jake bug should be fixed in the next update, and it’s unclear when players will see the unilateral technology removed from the game.Use mods like everyone else to put links in multidimensionalone fan pointed out that LeBron James in the FussyOnFire clip is using someone who makes him look like Marvel’s Venom using it, while continuing to look like James to their opponents.

multidimensional Now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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