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MultiVersus director Tony Huynh revealed that the team is working on an “overhaul” of its hitbox, which is why Finn hasn’t been nerfed yet.

While MultiVersus has had considerable success in its early access phase, it has not been without its problems. One of the biggest issues reported by players is that some characters have an unstable hitbox, meaning some fighters aren’t getting hit when they should, and some fighters are dealing damage and hitting the player outside of their attack landing spot .

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It looks like fixing those hitboxes is one of the MultiVersus team’s next major priorities, as Game Director Tony Huynh has announced that it’s working on an “overhaul” of them. Interestingly, tidying up hitboxes also seems to cause a delay in tweaking characters, as Huynh mentions that Finn hasn’t been nerfed as a result.

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A player asked if Finn would be nerfed to lower his action priority, and in response, Huang said“We’ll be looking at Finn in sections, we’re doing an overhaul of our hitbox/hurtbox system, so don’t want too many moving parts”.

Tweaking the hitbox seems to be a good priority for the team, as players have been reporting that some characters feel unfair since the game’s original Early Access beta period. Some of the characters who get hit the most for hitting the box include Wonder Woman and her bike kicking pegs, Jack’s bouncy punches, and pretty much all of Finn’s moves, especially the infamous backpack.

Huynh also specifically mentioned that the team is working on Finn in “segments,” which should show how many different parts of his mobile setup are considered overly powerful. We reported last week that MultiVersus players think Finn is the new Taz, thanks to his strong pack attack and heavy emphasis on his moves, but at least it looks like that will change in the future.

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