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Fans frustrated with the current MultiVersus metadata won’t have to wait long for some changes as the game director outlines plans for nerfs.

Many players are currently playing multidimensional. Platform Fighter combines enough quirky characters and combat with a competitive edge to keep players coming back.However, as more and more people join multidimensional In the open beta, gamers discovered that some characters seem to be more powerful than others. Even in the game’s closed alpha stage, people had issues with Taz’s tornado action. Now, two characters have been described by many players as needing drastic changes.

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The two most disappointing characters at the moment multidimensional The players are Finn and Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny was the first person to be flagged by internet outrage, as his movements were almost immediately considered largely overpowered.right hate adventure time Finn came later, as players began to realize how big his hitbox was and how moves like his backpack swing took precedence over many other characters’ attacks.since multidimensional Beta launch. Now, game director Tony Huynh has given more detail on when these changes can be expected.

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nerfs topic multidimensional Huynh tweeted an online update that fixes some bugs with Tom and Jerry and Jake the Dog moves. A fan followed Huynh’s tweet, asking when Finn’s nerf would be on the way. Hyunh responded that the team is working on multidimensional Adjustments to Finn are being planned, but the changes will be phased in as Player First Games is working more broadly on the hit box and damage box systems throughout the game.

While this could mean the player could be attacked by Finn’s backpack for a while, it’s likely multidimensional After these major changes, the overall gameplay will be more compact.For those worried that Bugs and Finn’s reign will last for a while, it’s been said before, for those multidimensional Characters will appear after the 2022 EVO Championship.

These hitbox and damage box changes may roll out with a delay multidimensional Season 1. The game’s first official Battle Pass was expected to launch with Morty on August 9 as a playable character, but it has been delayed without any reason or offering fans a new release date.This may be because gamer-first games want to address issues that players are currently discussing multidimensional Yuan.

multidimensional Public beta available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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